Butterfly Garden


Your butterfly experience begins with Insect Lore’s award-winning Butterfly Garden. This version of our most popular kit includes a voucher which can be redeemed online for one cup of five live caterpillars. Just pay $7.95 for shipping and your caterpillars will arrive at your door within two to three days!

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Please note: this item does not contain live insects.
Butterfly Garden with Voucher Includes:
• A voucher to redeem at your convenience for 5 baby caterpillars and nutritious food. Just pay $7.95 for shipping.
• Pop-up, reusable 11.5 inch mesh habitat
• Deluxe Chrysalis Station Log- this item arrives with your live caterpillars when you redeem your voucher
• Feeding dropper
• Caterpillar Quick Guide
• READ ME insert with helpful caterpillar-raising tips
Insect Lore guarantees that 3 out of 5 caterpillars will become butterflies.
Please monitor the weather in your area before beginning your project. Temperatures must be above 55 degrees and below 90 degrees Fahrenheit when you release your butterflies.

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